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Selfcare and Rhythm


In the webinar we talked about Rhythm in relation to Routine. You wake up, get up and do what you need to do with al your activities in the day. For everyone this is different and in the day often a lot of unexpected things occur we have to take action on. That is your Routine: all that you do in a day - the tasks, the chores, the meetings etc.. Your Rhythm is the way you are in all those things: the quality in which you do it. This is where you have influence on in your day.


Rhythm and Rituals

In the day there are lots of things to do. Often we just get on with it and before we know it the day is over. But how are you in all these daily activities: with drive, in a hurry, relaxt, stressed, with joy, focused, anxious etc.? Each give a different quality and have a different effect on you and your body /well-being. It will show in your movements.


By introducing attention to a specific area - the way you get out of bed or how you sit behind your computer - can make a difference how you feel later in the day. It all adds up. On the right you find a list with general activities in the day. It is not anything extra that you need to do, just bring a quality to it. 



  • Wake-up: do you get up in a rush or take a minute and have a check-in with yourself?

  • Morning rituals: shower, get dressed, brushing your teeth and doing your make-up. How consciously are you doing this? You can consider these moments as moments with and for yourself.

  • Breakfast / lunch / dinner: the way you prepare these and eat - in a rush or with attention?

  • Work: how do you sit behind your desk? how do you move your fingers when you type? 

  • In the house: how do you move through your house? 

  • Phone / mailing: do you respond immediately or give yourself some space to pick it up or reply?


You can listen to these two PODCASTS for inspiration. 


In Rhythm (6.43 min.)

how you can introduce quality in parts of your day and maintain it? Supporting your Rhythm (2.19 min.) 

QUESTION for you


What is the quality of your movements in the day? 

Observe yourself for one day: how you are in all that you do and how does it effect your well-being? Which activity can be done with more attention? Which ritual can you introduce that can make a difference for you and is something that supports you? Just pick one or two activities you already do in the day and experiment with the level of attention and care you bring to it.


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