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How to selfcare in current times


Below you will find several short articles with tips, questions and experiments you can do in your week as a focus. Each article covers a theme, some have a checklist, others have a link to a podcast. If you have any questions or want to know more on a particular topic regarding self-care, mail me:


Checklist of Basics of Selfcare

We have influence on self-care by our choices. Some of us have restrictions due to the workplace and the demands work puts on us. We can look into the way we are in our work, in our daily life: how we move, express and take care of our bodies.


Trivial little things can make a big difference in your day and how you feel. It starts with attending to the most basic - and essential - of the physiological needs. If you apply the knowledge available on these needs of the body, you make a foundational start with self-caring  in the most simple and practical of ways. Don’t override or ignore the signs of your body – organs etc. - concerning:



  • Toilet breaks: go when you got to go, otherwise you put unnecessary pressure on the body

  • Hydration of your body: drink water every day, at least a liter

  • Fuel to the body: nutrient food

  • Breathing exercises: GBM (link)

  • State of your body in the day: anxiousness, worry, stress or any form of emotion

  • Sleep: unwind time in the evening, early – late bed, easy surrender to the sleep process, wake ups etc. A resting and regenerating sleep? Or woken up still tired or even more tired?

  • Exercise: what exercises do you do in the day?


Why do all this? Our body is a very subtle, refined and delicately balanced mechanism. Its purpose is to maintain a balance and harmony. If we support the body with our choices, the body can do what it needs to do to keep this.


QUESTION for you


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