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Selfcare in current times?


Below you will find an introduction on the basics of selfcare with a checklist, some questions for you to reflect on and a suggested experiment for the coming week. This can be your focus of the week apart from your personal focus you took from the workshop. If you have any questions or want to know more on a particular topic regarding selfcare, mail me: 


Basics of Selfcare

Selfcare is a choice. Some of us have restrictions due to the workplace and the demands work puts on us. Whatever the circumstances, you can look at the choices you make in your day. How are you in your work: the way you move, express and take care of your body?

Little things can make a big difference how your body feels during the day. It starts with attending to the most basic and essential of the physiological needs. If you know what your body asks for, you make a foundational start with selfcaring in the most simple and practical of ways. Just start listening to the signs it gives you on a daily basis.



  • Toilet breaks: go when you got to go, otherwise you put unnecessary pressure on the body

  • Hydration of your body: drink water every day, at least a liter. Put a bottle next to your desk as a reminder

  • Nutricious food: fuel to the body including the way you prepare and eat it. Make time and space for it

  • State of your body in the day: anxiousness, worries, stress or disturbing emotions? Create stop moments

  • Breathing: connect to your breathe and breathe gently

  • Sleep: vital part of wellbeing. Allow yourself to unwind in the evening to support you with falling asleep 

  • Exercise: your body loves to move. Apart from walking outside what exercises do you do in the day?


Why do all this? Our body is a very subtle, refined and delicately balanced mechanism. If you support your body with selfcaring choices, it can support you in all that you need to do in your day.


QUESTION for you


What does your body ask from you?

Choose one item from the checklist which you know will support you most. Apply this during one week to your daily life. Keep it light and do-able. For example: you want to start with physical or breathing exercises? Start with five minutes a day. Or unwind time for sleep? Go 15 minutes earlier to bed. Commit to something you can easily integrate into your life. 


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