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Elke dag verwonder ik mij over de wereld om me heen. Dat heb ik altijd al gedaan vanaf toen ik kind was. Soms verwoord ik dat in een blog, zoals hier. 

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Emoties op de werkvloer

What is mostly effecting us at the workplace? Emotions. I recently read that 80% of our stresses and dis-eases come from the emotions of others we let in. That gave me a stop moment. We are in interactions with people the whole day whether it is ‘live’, via the phone, online behind our screens or via email. We often feel the energy others are in when they enter. Even an email can come with an emotional bomb. And what do we do? We ignore that emotion - pretend it is not there, ‘too much of a hassle’ - or react and before we know it we are dragged into a mini-‘workplace’-drama with all the ripple effects. Stress and hardening of the body and at the end of the day an over-all tiredness. Often we also silently prefer not to work with that person anymore and start to avoid him/her. This can't be what working together is about. So is there another way to deal with these emotions at the workplace? And what is our own role in this? A little hint: by not making it personal and focus on & address the emotion. How you can do that read more in this article ‘The Ripple Effect of emotions’.

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