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Elke dag verwonder ik mij over de wereld om me heen. Dat heb ik altijd al gedaan vanaf toen ik kind was. Soms verwoord ik dat in een blog, zoals hier. 

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Make it your space

Yesterday I gave again two webinars on the theme ‘Self-care in lockdown’ for the employees of another organization. In the groups I explored the importance of ‘Claiming your Space’. As we are living and working in the same space now - one which contain some fixed square meters, ‘space’ is a hot topic. I started the webinar by asking people to take a look around them and check if the space was supportive for them to be fully present in this webinar. If not, they could make some changes. Camera’s went off. Some rearranged their desks, papers were piled up neatly and others went to the kitchen to get water or put things from their desk in the kitchen. Someone opened the window for fresh air. They all felt the difference with a ‘clearer & cleaner space’. Second was a check for the immediate space: the body and its position. Again people started to take notice of the way they sat – elongating the spine, relaxing the shoulders, even standing up and / or moving to a couch. Again the difference was felt. We all seem to 'forget' our posture as the day goes by, people shared. It sounds small, but how important it is: ‘making it your space’. So what quality standards do you allow yourself every day, even right now? #makeityourspace #qualityfirst #everymoment

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