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Elke dag verwonder ik mij over de wereld om me heen. Dat heb ik altijd al gedaan vanaf toen ik kind was. Soms verwoord ik dat in een blog, zoals hier. 

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Ripple effect

Yesterday I gave my first two webinars for a company on ‘Self-care in lockdown’. What I found interesting was that you don’t have the group fysically in front of you. Just me and the same screen I work behind the whole day. I just move to a program, click a button and camera’s go on and faces appear. With the platform Teams I can only see four of the ten faces. So it’s my screen, the four faces face all of the time. When the meeting is over, you press on the famous button ‘Leave meeting’ and the others are gone and I am still sitting behind my desk as if nothing happened. It taught me a few things. How I am with me during the day and the quality I move, sit and express in, is what I bring to the meeting. My presence has a ripple effect. It is just in my face: I can see through the camera how I am during each meeting. Same for the others in the meeting. They reflect something back to me. I can just see, hear and feel it. Like being in a virtual swimmingpool: me swimming in my own house and seeing the others swim through my screen. All together we are part of this one big pool and having ripple effects. Virtual group dynamics. Take care of yourself is also taking care of your ripple. What is your ripple today? #takecareofyourspace #movements #rippleeffect

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