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Elke dag verwonder ik mij over de wereld om me heen. Dat heb ik altijd al gedaan vanaf toen ik kind was. Soms verwoord ik dat in een blog, zoals hier. 

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Sunflower time

It is sunflower time. If you were to go to France, you will see fields of yellowness. All sunflowers facing up. In French these flowers are called ‘Tournesols’, those who turn their face to the sun. During the day they adjust their posture to be able to move with the sun. They just say Yes to their source. It is an inbuilt movement. What a reflection for us. We have a tendency to hang our heads, get discouraged and look at our shadows and then dig even deeper until our head is in the earth. What if we take the example of the sunflowers: just say yes as well and focus on our grandness full stop: what we bring each day to the world - our family, friends, colleagues and community. We make a difference. The only requirement is to show our faces and shine like the sun in full #Isayyes #sunflowerpower

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